Story of the wedding … general advice

Following the first update, I would like to pop in with some general advice and then another update of where things currently stand.

  1. Pick vendors you like and whose style you innately like or admire. You have to click on some level.
  2. Take the time to put in the ground work and compare as many quotes as possible. See how the  prospective vendor deals with all the different questions you would have, do they respond readily and to all the questions you raised.
  3. Agree as a couple what’s the most important thing to the two of you and make sure to remember that always and ensure it shows through in your planning.
  4. Consult with the family but learn to place the boundaries on where their input is valid and where it is not. Support each other – publicly and privately.
  5. Take the time to enjoy the process of planning and this special season of your life. Work also on developing other segments of your relationship too.
  6. Schedule some pre-marital counselling with an impartial and trained third-party.
  7. Consult the budget and amend it as necessary.
  8. Include your fiancé as much as you can and let him really own a few things on the to-do list.
  9. In-laws.
  10. Remember it’s just one day. It will all pass away – also ask for a lot of help, people are generally happy and willing to offer some support.

What advice did you live by during your own planning? Or what did you wish you knew then?


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