The Affluenza Problem with Justine Sacco’s Apology

A bit belatedly as I am only catching up on my Feedly Reader now but I love this ladies writing and particularly on this issue. Line for line, she unpacks the stupidity and insensitivity of this foolish girl!!

dara t. mathis

Last Friday, Justine Sacco killed her career as a public relations officer with just 75 characters. But 75 seconds’ worth of reflection could have saved it. Okay, I’m lying. The amount of wrongness in the tweet shown above could not be rectified by a minute’s pause; she truly needed the benefit of all her 30 years for that miracle.

Sacco was the Director of PR for IAC, a media giant that manages brands like Vimeo, OkCupid, and Urban Spoon. That tweet, sent early morning on Friday before her flight to South Africa, sparked a firestorm of retweets and made the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet go viral. It seemed the entire world was waiting for this chick to land. By Saturday morning, both Sacco’s Twitter account and her job were defunct.

It didn’t take long for the obligatory (faux?) apology from Sacco to surface (published by the South African newspaper The Star)…

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