Things that make me smile

  1. My family
  2. All my friends
  3. Tea/coffee
  4. My bed, my linen and all my pillows
  5. My room/ any personal space I lay claim to – so my desk, a particular seat I like
  6. Quiet early mornings and rainy afternoons
  7. Rock/ Soft pop music
  8. Third Day, Sarah Groves, Dixie Chicks, John Legend, Barlow Girls, Casting Crows, Simpiwe Dana, Freshlyground
  9. Baking and cooking
  10. Lamps
  11. My handbags
  12. Dolls
  13. Washing dishes and a sparkly and shiny kitchen
  14. Generations, Intersexions, Masterchef, Come Dine with me SA, Wedding shows, Gilmore Girls, Felicity
  15. Music award shows and countdowns
  16. Countries I’d love to visit: Britain, India, Spain, Morocco, Namibia, Australia
  17. Economics
  18. My stationery especially my pens
  19. Watches with a black face
  20. Food I love to eat: rice, potatoes, fish & sea food, butter nut, pastries, porridge
  21. Bookshops, Libraries
  22. Long and quiet bus rides
  23. Basking in the sun
  24. The Bible my mom gave me when I turned 16
  25. Flavours I love: cinammon, cumin, vanilla, coffee, black pepper
  26. Sports I love to watch on telly: Hockey, Athletics, Tennis
  27. NEW YORK!!
  28. My earring collection
  29. Authors I love: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Marian Keyes, Ken Follet, Bryce Courtenay ( I simply looked at my bookshelf but this list is in no ways complete 🙂 )
  30. My mugs each and every one of them.

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