Links I have loved this week

I have had it on my to-blog list for the longest time to do a blog recommendation citing some of the blogs that I love and why. And I will get to that, for now, please see some that I have come across this week and added onto my Feedly/ gone through all the archives to catch up on.

Chef Afrik


First started in November 2011, Chef Afrik is my African food and travel lovechild. The site’s motto, “Cooking my way through Africa one country at a time”, indicates my pursuit as a Kenyan diasporan to discover the continent of Africa through its food. As well as showcasing food from all over the continent “In the Kitchen”, I also enjoy interviewing people who work with African food, whether as food writers, bloggers or chefs in my “Get to know” series.

Though the original goal was to focus solely on African food, the site has evolved to also include my fascination with African travel.  In 2014, I will begin a traveling through the whole continent writing about travel, food and youth culture. I will document my travel preparations here in a series called Eat, Pray, Africa.

Black Bliss Wedding


This blog is dedicated to people of colour and their breath taking weddings that each one of us admires.

What have you read recently that has captured your fancy?

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