29: Interviewing a 9 year old

I have a 9-year old nephew who gives me such joy and is so delightful and really that best thing that existed before proverbial sliced bread. As I cannot package him and sell him en masse, here is a flavour of him. Also, the mother would have a fit if I placed a picture of him but he is every bit a sugar lump and more!!

What’s the best thing about being a 9-year old?

Learning new and exciting things at school, getting older and new responsibilities

What don’t you like about being 9-years old?

NOTHING [When prompted] … uhm, washing my underwear.

What are you most looking forward to learning?

Science, flying a plane

Describe yourself in three words

Kind, loving, naughty, funny, short-tempered

In ten years I will be …

At University, studying to be a pilot, doing FUN stuff

Biggest worry?

Dying because I would be separated from those I love.

Most important friendship trait?


 Favourite Activities

Mathematics, Amazing Race, Cycling, PSP, Cricket, Swimming, Playing soccer with friends, eating ice cream

 Favourite Food Spaghetti

Favourite Colour Green, Blue, Purple, Black (because he knows I love it too!!)

Favourite Book Cows in Action – Steve Cole

Favourite PSP Game Brothers in Arms D-Day

Favourite Movie Cars II

Favourite Song Bruno Mars Treasure

This boy is too precious and each day there is countless of us praying that he grows up into a Godly young man like Joshua. Thinking back on all his milestones, I also can’t wait to be doing something like this with my four month old nephew and getting to watch as he develops his own personality and grows up strong and TALL as he is bound to be.

6 responses to “29: Interviewing a 9 year old

  1. This is by far my fav blog entry

  2. An open letter to the young 9 year old you interviewed plus his mum/aunty. During my recent trip I was privileged to stay with a dear friend of mine in a city I came to love as home for close to 2 years. Background: I guess its a European set up close to yours out there and I suppose certain rules are different from what I am used to, however, let me register my mega disappointment with a 16+years old boy i encountered whom had no shame in dumping his used dirty boxers on the bathroom floor for his mother to come in after him and pick up and wash!!! To say i was shocked is an understatement but I had nothing to do other than pray he changes his ways. So, the aim of this long note is that, I think as much as the may dislike doing the chore above-washing undies-i think its a crucial part of growing up and he shall earn lots of respect from his peers when he is of age and venturing out into the world. So keep up the good work you his handlers too. May God bless the work of your hands.

  3. this is a sentimental piece! hugs and kisses to the young block….as for you…enjoy the ride

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