9: Open Letter to Selfish Parents

This is not a post showing what I would typically write about, but it is in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge.

Dear Parents strapped up in your seatbelt with the child standing up and not strapped in,

I hope never to make your acquaintance and so won’t bother too much with formalities save to ask, doesn’t it worry you that should anything happen to your vehicle, your precious bundle would take the most impact? A lot of how we live life today seems nested in great fear and all these myths but isn’t this something that is widely tested and accepted?

Not to scare you, because there are all these videos and emails doing the round but just think, seatbelts are important for the following reasons:

  • reduce the risk of contact with the interior of the vehicle or reduce the severity of injuries if this occurs;
  • distribute the forces of a crash over the strongest parts of the human body;
  • prevent the occupant from being ejected from the vehicle in an impact;
  • prevent injury to other occupants (for example in a frontal crash, unbelted rear-seated passengers can be catapulted forward and hit other occupants).

Accidents by their nature happen and no one can fully plan for them! Hence, when we have something to mitigate the effects, wouldn’t you rather use that than decide to brave it and forge forward without something as simple and useful as a seatbelt. But I suppose I don’t have to sell this to you because you and your co-driver are already wearing them, question then is why deny your offspring similar safety. Would shouting as I drove past or calling you names help? I have often toyed with doing that but I am naturally shy and that won’t have as much impact as maybe this. Please just do the right thing and take it from there.

How? Start by simply telling the child that they will not come with Mummy and Daddy if they do not stay strapped in and then act on this threat. If they do take it off mid-drive, then stop the car until they put it on. Easy!


Irate driver behind you watching what might be!


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