(Different) Little Things Wednesday

I caught this video this past Monday (FINALLY) and decided to just summarise my feelings here.

  • I obviously don’t have a kid, least of all, a famous one so take this with a pinch of salt.
  • I remember being 19 years old and coming into my own and never once did I want to act out (like Miley does).
  • The video is painful to watch, vulgar, sad and very crass.
  • Forgetting the above, it seems to lack any artistic direction. It’s like they got a camera and taped themselves doing whatever they wanted to.
  • I did wonder whether her tongue felt any pain as she stuck it out throughout the song.
  • So addressing the twerking, she is actually Ok. It doesn’t mean I wanna see it a lot, at all actually but she is fine.
  • Miley just needs her parents to be her parents and reign her in before it becomes too late.
  • Please read this lady’s summary. She nails it in one!

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