Of personal hygiene and gyms

How I hate it when I go to gym and find women standing in various states of undress and conducting seemingly normal conversations. No guys! That’s not on at all! My saving grace? I don’t work out with anyone I know personally and recently (after a year) I discovered the private changing rooms!!! Now I can avoid that whole madness. 

The other thing about gym are the number of people that get into the showers bare foot. Can anyone say disease already! Just buy a cheap pair of slippers and wear those rather. Then there are the others that shower with slippers and come and stand (stark-naked) on their towels. I certainly hope they wash it between sessions.

Given an option of hot/cold water and a door in you shower stall, why would someone opt for a cold shower in full view of everyone? 


2 responses to “Of personal hygiene and gyms

  1. This really irritates me as well – why can’t they just shower and leave?! This is why I never use the change rooms!

    • I saw the weirdest thing this week. This chick was holding up her weave while her friend towel dried HER.WHOLE.BODY. The voice in my head kept asking what? what? what? but everyone all around thought it was normal so I walked on by!

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