Little things Wednesday

I have tried to come up with a weekly serial that I could do here with little success, largely because I would always pick something so complex that would be difficult to replicate in subsequent rounds. This time, I decided to do something simple – talk about the simple things that struck me that week.


  • Going to Nairobi and Kampala and meeting with family and friends that I have not seen in over 18 months.
  • Getting over myself and going to spend the night at my sisters marital home.
  • Receiving beautiful earrings, bangles and a chain from a dear friend!
  • Starting a new job that requires me to carry a packed lunch and always having something fresh to carry.
  • Scheduling a meeting in Bedfordview and discovering a lovely part of Johannesburg.
  • Driving my mom’s car around the farm.
  • Interlocking my locks and having them beautifully styled.
  • Sunday lunch with a family friend while listening to local Kenyan music.

Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget to smell the roses and notice the little things. And in the last few months, I have become very guilty of that and so this is a call to myself to go back to basics and start noticing the little things once again.

What little things have caught your eyes recently?


4 responses to “Little things Wednesday

  1. Such a lovely idea this weekly post

    Didn’t realize you hadn’t been home in 18 months??!! Who is the family friend you had lunch with?

    Befordview is gorg but have you been to Modderfontein?

    Pictures of the new hair style please

    • Will get my hair done in the next week and post those. Also thinking of dying it something red/chocolate/something along those lines.

      Family and Friends …. didn’t really meet any family friends.

      Yep, we have been to Modderfontein been back since for a client meeting. So beautiful!

      Thanks – so far, the weekly post and the monthly one on food are going great!

  2. going to a new cooking class and learning an entirely different cuisine on a saturday morning was pure bliss for me! then replicating all those new meals on sunday afternoon…put a smile on my face…as for you little sissie, you brought alot of sunshine to our little household, i can still see your little small face, hands and feet in the same little spaces that our nephew likes to be in and it puts a smile on my face…txs for coming and PLEASE come again..

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