Comedians- what events are they appropriate for?

Something I readily know about myself is my ability to see humour in everything and to appreciate the lighter side of life. Laughter certainly is the best medicine because it helps to put things into context. Having said that, I am quite picky about the kind of humour that’s available out there – the content, the setting and whether it actually makes you laugh . There are very few current TV shows that give you that  belly ache laugh, these are: Modern Family, HIMYM (definitely click on the link if you have no idea of what show this is) and New Girl.

Now, I will be honest, I don’t really watch much of stand-up comedy unless I stumble upon it/ if it’s Saturday Night Love. BUT, I do have a sense of where it would work and where it might not.

Comedians are unsuitable at:

  • Weddings. This setting involves people of diverse ages and from various walks of life and I imagine it would be difficult to get a common ground for all. It might work for some of the guest and not appeal to the rest.
  • A funeral, unless the deceased was a comedian.
  • In a very tense situation – I know I started the post with the disclaimer that humour is the spice of life, except when mob psychology is the reality. Then its best to just run. Fast.
  • Any place where you need to make a serious and determined decision i.e. while I am all for piped music at work (please someone make this happen), I would hate to listen to a comedian while drafting reports. Ergo before a job interview, at the bank or while buying a car.

Comedy is definitely appropriate at:

  • I would love to replace the guy that sings at the parking pay booth with a comedian. I think it will change our public spaces for the better. Plus it will also show up real/poor talent based on the number of unsolicited laughs received.
  • Corporate gigs, done to death but it works for a reason, no?

Although not done, it might be good to see some/more comedy here:

  • At the death of a loved older family member. The kind of setting where you want to remember the full life lived by the late and just talk of his/her quirks and what will most be remembered about them. This would be even better where delivered by a family member or it might come off as offensive Smile with tongue out
  • Bachelor or Bachelorettes, because strippers are overrated.

This post was sponsored by  Funny Guys. However, the  words and the content is all mine.



3 responses to “Comedians- what events are they appropriate for?

  1. Gosh, HIMYM and New Girl…so not funny, I can’t understand how they’ve gone for longer than a season!

    I like the idea of comedy being used to remember the quirks of a loved one at a funeral, very unique

  2. My form of humour is dry and sarcastic so I rarely find stand up comedians funny and wholly agree that they should not be allowed in weddings or worse still in funerals. One of my close friend’s dad hates this preacher who thinks he is a comedian and brought his brand of humour at a funeral service, mocking the father of the deceased who was very much in pain.


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