Another summarised entry ..

  • I have realised that I can’t hear someone in my proximity sneeze and not say “bless you”. Whether I know them or not.
  • I sometimes think that people who know me in real life feel the need to discuss really serious things all the time. Like that’s all I do all day, every day.
  • Waiting for the Kenyan election results. Very tense moments.
  • We get the leader that God has set aside for us. Got to believe that.
  • Self-doubt is a professional killer.
  • Feedback is great but its got to have context or it cripples you and makes you feel like the dog chasing its own tail.
  • If I had to mentor someone at university again, I would certainly let them in on some of the soft skills required at the office as formal learning absolutely does not prepare you for the real working life.
  • I just realised I never speak about what I do for a living. Mhhhh, post?

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