Two thoughts on a Monday

* The title is taken from a popular devotion that my brother in law sends at the right time as his quiet way of showing that he is praying for you and thinking of you.

Yesterday’s sermon was about testing your faith, stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing how your perception of God’s love and His being changes as you question and test your understanding. This was done in the context of a (spiritual) life journey and attempting to see how we update newer understanding of who and what God is with older and previously accepted beliefs. He went through the example of how children come to know about the profound and inexplicable love that Christ has for us through the Easter egg and how as they get older, they update previously held beliefs. My question for you: what knowledge of Christ have you come to update over time. Off the top of my head I would have to say, my understanding of Him as a personal and living God who speaks to you and interacts with you individually and one whose being is similar to what is written in the Word of God. I remember ten years back being in this small group fellowship led by a friend who spoke of God so intimately and so lovingly and all I desired at the time was for that same faith and conviction to materialise in my life. And it has, today I can certainly attest to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8).

Later in the afternoon, I spoke to some of my dearest female friends and we were talking about how in the midst of a trying time in life we tend to often focus on the negative, darker aspects forgetting the fact that God has (and continues) to be faithful and there are so many things to be thankful for. Indeed, one of the girls had to remind us of this post-it that she has stuck above her bed stating: “What story will you believe about yourself?” And sometimes that’s all one has to ask, will I believe all the stuff around me or will I dig deep and focus on past joys and really truths that apply in spite of the current situation. I don’t particularly share much about my professional life and probably won’t start now save to say that that focusing on truths about my strength and my weaknesses and professional achievements has really helped me to pull through and not tear out my hair or dissolve into this ball of nerves. I have had to say to myself, I am here on merit, I can do this job and I will not focus on partial truths that serve to break me and not build you.

What have you heard recently that has encouraged and/or motivated you through a difficult time or just for future reference to hang in there despite trying times?

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