Attempting an abbreviated post

I admire people who can tell so much in a post by using bullet points and when I try to, I instead do a brain dump of links I have loved as clearly brevity does not come so easily to me but I shall attempt to charge ahead.

  • Went for the AfCon 2013 final match at Soccer City and let’s just say it was a mini-Abuja all right.
  • Well done Burkina Faso, the little bus that could!
  • Finally my Pilates class is back to normal numbers – the last two weeks, I’ve had to rush there to get a spot!
  • Certainly won’t miss the heavy breathers that totally mistook what breathing out means. Its just normal breathing, nothing heavy and fancy!
  • The Pope is resigning! Slowly now, The. Pope. Is. Resigning.
  • Kenya votes on the 4th of March and I do not like the vibe I am getting off Facebook – I just pray that it does not become very tribal and degenerate into a violent episode like five years back.
  • My phone, a Blackberry Curve, is over its sell-by date and is totally actin up. Looking for a new one!
  • Would you believe, still waiting to watch the season Finale of Homeland Season 2! (NO spoilers please)
  • Watched two silly movies recently: For a good time call (I’m the girl who loved Jack and Miri … ) and The Campaign. Judge away.

2 responses to “Attempting an abbreviated post

  1. The POPE…dude, The Pope. Shocked.

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