For my sisters

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a girls’ girl and I firmly believe in the strength of women and the beauty that is women’s friendships. This is hardly surprising as some of the best lessons in life I learnt from my four older sisters – who are family and as I have gotten older, my friends.

From my first sister, I have learnt about kindness and generosity – genuinely giving things from the bottom of your heart and not expecting anything in return. Maybe its because she is the first born and long accustomed to having to share with the babies, but she is  the kind of person who would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. From her I have also learnt the importance of tithing and giving that 10% of your income to God – this from the time when she gave me pocket money to now when I earn a salary. She is also very funny and never once treated me as a baby. My best memory of her was when she left for University, at an institution four and a half hours from Nairobi and she would write letters home to me telling me about school. Obviously part of it was to me, but some parts I had to relay the information to my parents. But what stood out was she wrote to me not as the 7 – 11 year old I was at the time, but as an old enough sister.

From my second sister, I have learnt the soft professional skills  –  my CV and cover letter are modelled along hers, she has sent me all sorts of articles on how to conduct myself at the office, how to behave at interviews, how to speak to my boss and make certain requests, verbally and via email. I have also learnt how to laugh and just savour the moments with her being able to listen and laugh at anything I tell her, often making the story more than the humorous event. She is truly my biggest champion with my two best memories of her being the day an older girl bullied me and she matched out a friends house (having heard her small sister cry) and slapped her across the cheek. SCORE! Also in Primary school, she used to sign my school diary and check my homework on behalf of my parents and a particular teacher did not like this and called her stupid just as I was stupid – I rushed home and reported this and first thing Monday morning, she was at school coming to do battle with him. My best moment was watching him slink back to class after being chastened in her presence. DOUBLE SCORE!!!

My third sister and I can laugh.  Growing up, we spent so many hours just cracking up and laughing and annoying the other three who often did not get it. We have the same sense of humour and often, just need to say it once when the other would double up in laughter with tears rolling down and sides hurting. I owe the direction that my post-graduate studies took entirely to her, she got me to send in my application in time, she went to the school, followed up with them continuously until I finally got admitted. For two years, she stayed on at work until 7/ half 8 in the evening to pick me up as I did not drive at the time. On a lighter note, she also taught me how to make rice and we all know much how I love the stuff. She also greatly inspired a lot of my musical and reading interests with us jointly reading and discussing so many books over the years.

The sister whom I follow has an uncanny sixth sense – she can read someone and however long it takes, her initial instincts will be proven right. And so I tend to depend on that at times, I can go in and get to know the person but also allow for the fact that she will be right about them eventually. She is also entirely protective and of all my sisters, she definitely makes me most feel like the baby of the family. She also taught me how to drive and through her son, has shown me what it is like to bring up a child and how it is to have someone to be responsible over.

Do you also have sisters? What have you taught them or what have they learnt from you?

7 responses to “For my sisters

  1. You make me want to have a sister…

  2. i found this poem online and modified it a bit…rather modify it and say ‘5 sisters’ instead of saying ‘3 sisters’…
    Three Sister’s
    © Francis I. Gillespie
    We are three sisters
    Three sisters are we
    I love each of you,
    And I know you love me

    We’re not always together,
    Life sometimes keeps us apart.
    But we’re never separated
    We’re in each other’s heart.

    Now I know we’ve had our troubles,
    But we always get thru.
    The real message is you love me,
    And I also love you.

    We have had lots of good times
    That we’ll never forget
    Sometimes we worry
    And sometimes we fret

    But if God ever gave me
    Something special you see,
    It might have been the blessing of,
    Three sisters are we.

    The Lord above has gave me lots
    Of happiness and glee
    But the most special thing he did was
    Make us sisters, all three.


  3. Lovely post! You made my heart smile.

    Where do I also start with my own ‘post’ on the thing or two my own sisters have taught me? Irrespective of their birth order each one of them has been a source of blessing and encouragement to me and indeed they have made me in lots of uncountable (if there was a word like that) ways the woman i am and continue to grow into.

    For some, having a sister in your life can either be a wonderful or terrible experience, depending on your relationship. For me it’s been wonderful. Rather I choose to dwell on the wonderful. If you have an older sister and you are a girl, she can often show you how to navigate the way through some of the more difficult areas of growing up. My only older sister has helped me in a myriad of ways. My younger sisters are a joy as well. They often worship their older siblings  and it can be a nice experience to be admired. Relationships with sisters, like any relationship depend on the people involved.

    Ara baby, thank you for being there, thank you for giving a care to me and those around you, thank you for your support and your loyal heart, thank you for trusting me through the good times and the bad, thank you for being born and I thank God that you’re alive, I thank God too that because we are sisters and each other’s family, this will never end, this friendship that we made. Did I really teach you violence? But well said, ole wako if you cross my path (or my sisters paths), I will cross yours too:-)



  4. Thanks for such a beautiful post 🙂

    Viva for the strength of women and the beauty of femal friendships…there trully is nothing like it

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