Two boys: one dead, one imprisoned

Last Monday, at a school in the eastern part of Johannesburg, one young man tired of being bullied by a classmate, took his mom’s gun (she’s a policewoman), went to school and shot the bully dead. Read more here.

This story raised so many questions for me and for the past week, I could not stop thinking about the deceased boy and his family – who swear that their son was innocent and a churchgoer and the ‘offender’ now out on bail. What particularly struck me was that regardless of what really happened, the rest of the school children are reported to have said “good riddance” because the deceased was a known bully and terror. I have never been bullied so I can’t begin to imagine what the bullied boy felt, but murder? In all, two families are left grieving and the kids at the school obviously traumatised.

What’s the solution? Will metal detectors help or is there a deeper social problem here? Don’t know really.

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