Words we need

I love that language is dynamic and reacts to some of the modern changes and stuff and we now have words from all over the place in the formal dictionary. Safari, anyone? But less formally, we have words like amazeballs that do slip in. I subscribe to Urban Dictionary and get a new word each day; below are some words that I would definitely recommend for general use:

Red Pen Police

People who preoccupy themselves with correcting the spelling and grammar of others – normally out of some self-esteem issue or desire to prove some value from their otherwise useless thirty-grand education.

Walk blocker

A person that suddenly stops when they are walking right in front of another.

Sneeze Freeze

The frozen and contorted, usually mildly retarded looking, facial expression one makes for a few seconds before they let out a sneeze or when experiencing a “Sneezus Interruptus”.

friending spree

Randomly adding anyone you come across on a social network, including complete strangers


The result of anxiety causing you to have crazy amounts of diarrhoea.


A measurement of time totaling 72 days. Became popular after Kim Kardashian’s highly-publicized marriage, which ended after 72 days. Listed as one of the up-and-coming words of 2012.


(abbreviation) stands for totally.

Moon landing

A moon landing is when two people’s naked butts bump as they bend over.


“fear of missing out”. The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great


When a person makes it sound like they are apologizing when, in fact, they are just shifting the blame or using twisted logic to argue their way out of responsibility for their actions.

And my best:

food baby

when you eat so much, that your stomach looks pregnant

Some of their stuff is rather crude and sometimes irreligious so just be careful if you do venture there.

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