a little background … why i do this

So I have been going through a week (OK a few actually) of posting short little things and running. And this is no different! I know why I started to blog, many moons ago – because I had read so many blogs and some I loved so much and felt like the writer and I were friends, some had witty writing and I figured I could do the same, others, were just a peep show and who doesn’t love to have front row seats to someone else’s life? But then, I also wanted to start a blog coz there were some blogs that I didn’t wanna be like.

  • I don’t like photography blogs at all. I oddly enough read blogs for the writing as well.
  • I don’t like blogs that have graphics telling the story. Just tell the story. Occasionally it works, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.
  • I don’t like blogs that are arranged in newspaper style as opposed to one with two/three columns

This has sparked a little idea in my mind and I will try and share about the blogs that I love to read.

Added:  I also don’t like blogs written by more than one person. I can tell both voices apart but its always harder to get into!


One response to “a little background … why i do this

  1. Hehehe.. I’m eagerly waiting for what kinds of blog you love. You just dissed three quarters of blogs I know! 🙂


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