Pet peeves

Just a few things that are grating on my nerves at the mo’.

  1. The gross impersonation of the African accent that Europeans occasionally dabble in a la Kerry Washington in The Last King of Scotland and Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamonds.We do not sound like that, nowhere on the continent. I recently listened to an audiobook – A guide to the birds of East Africa (its fiction Smile ) and the readers Kenyan accent made the peoples sound like blithering fools.
  2. Drivers who do not indicate when they are going to turn left or right. I have no other driving concerns except the guy who won’t indicate especially  when you are at a T-junction and want to know if they are turning onto your road or going past you ….
  3. Reading blogs (that I understand are people’s personal biz) that detail pets in great detail. Any blog that has fur babies, details vet trips …. puke!

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