Book round up 2011

In no particular order and this list being inconclusive:

  1. Midnight Children – Salman Rushdie. I thought the writer only writes stuff that’s banned. Its critically acclaimed but it kinda bored me and I only read it to finish what I’d started.
  2. Whitethorn Woods – Maeve Binchy. She. does. not. disappoint. EVER!
  3. Memoirs of my melancholy whore – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Wanted to read this book for the longest and Marquez managed to write in very few words and leave you yearning for more. The book is less than 150 pages and took me a very short time to complete.
  4. Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini. Writes about Afghanistan so beautifully, you could cry for what the current state of the country is. If you only read two books in your life, read this one and his first one: A thousand splendid suns. Please write a third one, please?
  5. This Charming man – Marian Keyes. She manages to get the balance between neurotic and honestly loveable character each time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, male or female.
  6. The Secrets Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives –  Lola Shoneyin. A typical African tale, great description and the tale unfolds swiftly and very realistically. Read, read, read … Great first novel.
  7. Change of Heart & The Tenth Circle – Jodi Picoult. Both books about the complex relationship between kids and their parents- Do you take the heart of the guy who killed your partner and made your child an orphan to give this child a better life? What if your child cries rape – do you immediately believe them or do you ask them to show you suitable proof? Jodi Picoult never fails to deliver. Great work.

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