Little restaurants that mean something to me

Ok, not so little but just places that over the years I have enjoyed going to and definitely hold a dear place in mine heart. This is in line with my new desire to write more about South Africa. So these are restaurants that I have been to in the last three or four years and repeatedly returned to. Before, going further, I must say, that the difference between going out for a meal in Nairobi and say here is the fact that i can have a two or three course meal without breaking the bank.

JB’s corner. I definitely remember the first time I went to the one at Melrose Arch. It was three years ago in October, and it had been raining all evening. We’d been invited to a friends birthday dinner that was being held here before karaoke here. Now of course I did not sing, but that’s a whole other post Winking smile. Initially, we had sat outside and they had blankies and all sorts of heaters to keep us warm, then as the pack headed to the Colony, we got a table inside and had dinner. I loved the service, the vybe and the company. I have been back once since and it did not disappoint.

Koi. Now I’ve been to the one in Sandton and the one in Rosebank and now found out that they have another one in Pretoria. Added to my imaginary to-do list. Only been to this place for dinner and so maybe at lunch it has a different feel to it. We went during the World Cup fever last year and there was a game in the background so there was all that loudness and noise but it was also very chilled and if you wished, you could have a intimate conversation. Loved the vegetarian spring rolls starters (it had mango) … Wasn’t too in love with the salmon served on wasabi mashed potato. The flavour was just too intense and it soured the mashed for me. I have since been back and enjoyed the grilled line fish with stir fried vegetables. For dessert, we had the chocolate brownie and cheesecake (we had starters and a main the first time and then mains and a dessert the second time)But see what they  have to offer here.

Doppio Zero. I like this restaurant, both the Rosebank and Greenside one, makes me feel very trendy and almost grown up. I like the food, the service, the cheesecake. (Yes! Its my thing, to look for the best cheesecake in Joburg). Have had breaky, lunch and dinner here and this place is perfect for loud groups, girlie meet-ups and intimate dining arrangements.

Wanna treat me to any surprise, check out the stuff here or suggest a meal at any of these places and I’m sold.

One response to “Little restaurants that mean something to me

  1. I too didn’t like the Salmon on the mashed potato for the exact same reasons at Koi.

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