Another movie recap

A night at the movies


Since I’m not exactly a movie buff, this could be a couple months weeks overdue.

No strings attached & Friends with benefits. These two are combined as they are intrinsically the same thing, one better than the other. I dislike JT and that coloured my appreciation (OR LACK THEREOF) of this movie. It was lacklustre, it had nothing new to add to entertainment and so, no, dont watch! run in the other direction. I liked No strings, there was a story line and the characters were adorable and it tugged the right strings and just worked. So watch this, if you have nothing to do and are in the mood for a RomCom.

Bridesmaids & Something borrowed. Two different takes on weddings, taking on the best friend bride-matron of honour relationship. How many times do we pine away for some guy we think is great for us and then end up falling for the sweet dependable one, right under our nose? Kristen Wiig is adorable. Love her on SNL, love her in this movie. We could totally be best friends in real life. Love her! I liked Something Borrowed and throughout the movie, I kept thinking of how Ginnifer Goodwin was from her Big Love character. I love soft, chick flicks so definitely, watch these two!

Columbiana. Zoe Saldana is devastatingly beautiful and utterly fierce in this movie. Loved, loved, loved it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone unless you don’t like any sort of gunfire. Was utterly distracted by the choice of houses and how I would have decorated them if I lived there. The beginning was a bit dodge, Zoe at 11 years old was hard core and I mean, how real is that. (Aside: Doesn’t Zoe look a bit like a younger Jada Pinket?)

Source code. If this is the direction that movies are taking in the future, then I am good to sit at home and practice my needle point. I dont get this movie, I dont get the premise, I dont get who their target market is. I did not like this movie and would not recommend it to anyone. The end.

So what movies have you watched recently?

One response to “Another movie recap

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Final Destination 5…these are some good flicks!


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