What’s the most enjoyable hour of your typical weekday?

Its definitely got to be helping my nephew with his reading. He is the most darling and eager child that I have had the pleasure to watch grow up and now at 6 years and 11 months, he is learning to read and each evening we spend about 15 to 20 minutes to go through the given book sections and it warms the cockles of my heart. Definitely reminds me of learning to drive and the persistence required to keep pushing and kept learning and putting yourself out there!

I still think that its a bit too late and I don’t even for a moment imply that its a developmental issue, merely, an indictment of the local education system. To enrol in the first year of primary school, you  have to be 6 before June of the enrolment year and this means that most of the kids in the classroom vary in age between 6 and 7. Granted,they are at their prime to learn to read, but maybe we could push it to a year or so before. Maybe? I did a bit of phonetics as a kid but largely most of it was rote learning and the only plus, is the fact that he is taught to recognise the letters and their sounds and this is how he has learnt to join two, three and then four letter words a practice that may then be applied to bigger words (difference, hideout, camouflage anyone?).

One response to “What’s the most enjoyable hour of your typical weekday?

  1. the cutest post i have read in ages..thanks for being part of these huge milestones…i am sure he is enjoying it as much as you are and think with me…he will then be able to open The Book and read it to himself and internalise and grow…thanks for your patience and barikiwa dada mdogo


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