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For someone who readily admits not to be a big movie fan, I have certainly watched quite a fairly large number of them these last six months. Here is a list below (not in the order I watched them) and a few thoughts I had while watching them.

  • RED. It was the best kind of fake that I absolutely love to watch and it had all the older actors from way back when: Morgan Freeman and Dame Helen Mirren. It was A LITTLE slow to begin but once it started, it went! My best scene:  where Bruce Willis “cooks” the bullets. Awuuuu! Would I recommend it? My one sister who also likes fake action movies, so that lives me in a bit of a pickle as to who else.  Synopsis here.
  • Love and other Drugs. The basic premise of this movie is this guy who sells drugs who falls for this chick with early onset Alzheimer disease … That the release of this movie was timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, is shocking and awe-filling. I think it had a weak story line and if you take out all the flashes of skin, it had nothing else to stand on. I really like, love Anne Hathaway and so it hurt me, like personally, that she would agree to star in this movie. On a slight tangent, it made me think of youth and how fleeting it is, and how certain diseases that we associate with older people often affect younger people and I never pay them any mind at all.  Synopsis here.
  • 127 Hours. On the day that I watched this movie, I had just heard the synopsis of the movie and thought to myself, eek! Who would want to do that for an hour plus? But then, I went to the movies later that evening and it was the only thing showing. Then I begun to freak out that it would only be one person throughout. It was well done and though I hid my eyes when the more gory bits came up, it was rather nice on the whole. Would definitely recommend it to everyone. I wonder where it was shot, like the scene where they squeeze through the water and go and swim in the pool. Very pretty. Synopsis here.
  • Black Swan. Besides the fact that I was thrown with the good and bad Natalie Portmans and all the things that happened in her mind and the few that actually did happen, I think I quite liked the movie and was totally taken by the intensity of the main characters. The ending too? Didn’t see that coming at all. But I like this movie, would recommend it to anyone, male and female. Synopsis here.
  • You Again. THIS movie has been done unto death and back. But it was a light hearted thing that I could fall asleep to. Synopsis here.
  • Sex and the City 2. Where do I start with this one? OK, If I was a fashionista, then maybe I would have been bowled over. OK, I got it! I love New York and so it was so nice to behold and dream of the city of dreams…the thing about this movie was the mockery, which I felt it made of the institution of marriage. The bit where Carrie and Big decide to have her old place as a place to go to when they wanted an out from their marriage just left a cold in my heart. And knowing the kind of following and the way these four women have been thrust into pop-culture, it was jolting. I agree that marriage is really between two people and they both have to discuss what they want from it and talk through all that BUT, shouldn’t there be a single model of it? Me thinks yes… I pray there won’t be another take of this movie. Synopsis here.
  • Social Network was truly a case of bad timing. Just before watching this movie, I read the Time Person of the Year and therein was the profile of Mack Zuckerberg and I thought the article was more credible than the movie. I also wondered what they hoped to achieve from the movie, it was neither informative nor was it entertaining, it was a total yawn to be honest and I could not live the movie hall fast enough. I also really don’t like Justin Timberlake, because of what he said about him and Brittney while they were together. Synopsis here.
  • The Town has also been done until kingdom come. The small town bad boy who meets the good girl and decide to make good with her and leave the world of crime behind him for good. Although, I did like how the bank robberies were orchestrated and it did freak me out when he made friends with the good girl, who was involved in the first bank robbery. Oh, and the fact that she quit her job to volunteer at that vegetable garden? I’m sorry, but my mind could not reconcile the two! Synopsis here.
  • The Tourist. Why did Angelina agree to star in this movie? And Johnny Depp too? If one person forgets their mind, it’s one thing, both? Really?  The story line wasn’t so bad, just the actual acting. It did have beautiful scenes and it did make me ache to go to Rome so bad, just to sit on a gondola, oh and to take a train ride. I am ever so partial to train rides. In my next life, I must live in a city where people do a lot of travel by train. Word!  Synopsis here.
  • Why did I get married 2.I have to start with I rather liked the first half of the WDIGM 1. The sequel? Totally unnecessary. Felt very bad but this has easily got to be the worst Tyler Perry Movie I have watched and I have gone through a big number of them. Synopsis here.

So what beautiful, or not so, movies have you watched and why would you recommend them to anyone else (or not)?


One response to “stuff i’ve seen

  1. Red – I know I like fake movies and all, but it must put an effort in making it really fake I.e the stunts must be out of this world fake. For me this movie just did not begin to measure up to the likes of 007 or even Charlie’s Angels. Its like they were trying to rehabilitate a bunch of old aactor careers (don’t get me wrong, I love Morgan Freeman and Hellen Mirren too and do not think their careers are flaggin)

    LMAO @ being hurt by Anne Hathaway

    The Town – was that the one with all the eye candy? Which has also been done to death?

    The tourist – couldn’t get beyond the 1st few scenes coz of my dislike of that woman!

    Black Swan – I really want to watch it but kinda scared after watching the preview.

    Why did I get married 2 – I agree with you. Totally unnecessary! It didn’t even have a scene like the one in the prequel which we totaally loved and I don’t think I can endure sitting thru that fake voice and persona of Jaanet Jackson ever again

    As for dodgy movie choices, 1 word – Machete!


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