1ne way

I have been waiting on something for the last seven and a half months and finally and more importantly at the right time, it came to pass.

The lesson that I have bitterly learnt is that when we talk of fully relying on God and letting Him be Lord over your life, there cannot be a ‘Plan B”. It is either His way or no way. This reminds me of an incident a few weeks back. I was desperately in need of R5 and went from bag-bag and room-room looking for the same amount and because that’s all I wanted, I totally missed out on the fact that in one of the places I had looked, there was easily R100 and more. But because my view was so limited, I walked away with the R5 (that I found at a second location) and missed out on the bigger amount of money that would have suited me better. The lesson?  Sometimes and largely because of our limited perceptions as human beings we fixate on something that is not so important to God and we find that He gives it grudgingly often with the result that we miss out on the more eternal and greater blessings that we might have obtained had we waited on God slightly longer.



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