not at home

Twice in the last two weeks I have been travelling home in a bus where the topic of conversation switched to foreigners and the lax immigration laws. Having lived in a foreign country all my life and then moving to another foreign country, you can understand where my loyalties sympathy lies.

Always you hear of these foreigners who expect to come live here like kings and then complain if things aren’t going well … if they don’t like it, let them go home.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would feel any different if I went back home and didn’t have a house or a job and could plainly see that the foreigner who lived next door to me had a better home and a well paying  job. But, people, foreign or not, have a right to life and to obtain a livelihood without fear. When the guys from Zimbabwe risk their lives and jump the Limpopo River and then possibly trek to Joburg or other towns, risking rape, death and imprisonment, the sad reality is they come and eke out livelihoods as street hawkers, gardeners and other menial jobs. Positions that existed prior to their arrival but thought “too low” by the locals. And so when they are burnt to death, its typically for jobs like those. Which to me, is just wrong and has absolutely nothing to do with the resources or lack thereof. Its murder, plain and simple. Having said that, I am aware that some of us foreigners do come here and perpetuate horrific and even petty crimes and that tarnishes our reputation. Fact. I am sure there was crime before they opened the borders right? Unless someone has conducted a study to the contrary that might prove that a disproportionate number of prisoners if foreign, I am inclined to believe that they stand in the minority at present.

However, if the foreigners (we) don’t like it here, then let them (us) go but I always end off with, I pray that the locals are praying that the situations that led their neighbours to run here for refuge, never happens to them too. And if I am praying this, there might be one or two others out there saying the same thing and hopefully, that will stand this country in good stead.

One response to “not at home

  1. I tend to agree with your sentiment that if its not working out for foreigners we must just stop complaining about the country aand move on. These days I just have very little paatience to sit in those foreigner kamkunjis dissing our adopted land, I tell you it riles me up to the nth degree and often I am the only one saying but guys its not all bad and no one forced you to be here. I absolutely refuse to see that its all doom and gloom the way some of us foreigners think. Infact most things work much better here than they do in our respective countries and like our countries there are also things that don’t work. Maybe its because I have been very blest in this country, but maybe not because my foreign colleagues at work are some of the biggest complainers. I think the real reason is because I have now been here a while and now consider this to be home, but I have friends who have been here longer. I suppose its just a change of attitude, though I can’t really say what brought it on.

    Wrt your other point, I know I would be totally resentful too if I were a local and the ikwere next door just appeared to be doing well. Not to the point of murder or anything violent but maybe to the point of calling cops to investigate what “illegal” activity they are up to to be making it…yes and I hang my head in shame. I know this because it pisses me off at the Kenyan “invasion” of Uganda and yet I have been a foreigner in their land all my life.

    Anyway, those are my strong views. Sorry for the LONG comment


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