trains, planes, cars, walks

Feeling a bit of the wanderlust. Feeling like I should just up and go.

I feel like taking an adult gap year and gain some (vital) life experience and just prepare for the “adult” years that are certainly coming. I feel like I have been in school since I was four and a half, with little of a break and now, on the brink of 26 later this month, it just feels like I need to take a break of sorts and do something not official, academic or so grown up. The more outrageous, the better. Any suggestions of places to go, things to do or how to go about it are very welcome. On a positive, my high school friends and I have a tentative plan to travel to Zanzibar in August of this year and I am really praying that it comes to pass coz they are a lovely bunch and it would be nice to  travel anywhere really do Zanzibar.



One response to “trains, planes, cars, walks

  1. Great post you got here. I appreciate the time involved in coming up such informative post. I will be coming back for more. Thanks!


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