Very random post this one is. A mish-mash of so many things.

Came across these guys, of the MTV series, the Buried life. And it raises the question, what is that thing that we would do if we didn’t have to work for money?  Sometimes we bury these things in pursuit of life’s great answers and that is a sad thing. I would work in a library/ bookstore and give more of my time to help the disadvantaged women and girls in our society. And I don’t know whats stopping me from doing the second thing because I certainly have a lot more time on my hands now..

Was listening to a podcast this morning and some of the trends or stuff they were discussing was quite mind-opening:

Apparently surrogacy (baby outsourcing)  in India is big business and the government is coming in now to regulate this area. It’s not so much an ethical question for me as much as the fact that desperation drives these women to do this, because the returns are fairly high. The government came in to set an upper limit of five kids per surrogate mother.

Apparently the new trend in Nairobi is to not breastfeed after delivery. Apparently, the fear is largely of saggy breasts and looking unattractive for your partner. What struck me is the rational and the choice between the child and the mate and clearly I have no idea but, the choices are just odd! The dietitian involved urged women to breastfeed for the benefit to their children and also because it helps you lose weight. I must admit that part of what shocked me is the knowledge that I breastfed until I was four and a half years old!

My other obsession, is Urban Dictionary. Today’s word:

FOOD BABY: when you eat so much, that your stomach looks pregnant

My ultimate favourite:

PEEGRET: When you regret not going to pee before leaving a given place!

So what random thoughts are swirling through your mind?


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