We call her Woman

Yes, we do. But we often typify her into a single person/body and imagine that because she is woman, she must … and here we go on to list various characteristics! I have recently come across a wide array of ‘different’ women but really individuals choosing to select the road not walked before and for them, it makes sense but for society, not so nice, in fact, take them and lock them up.

Women not wanting to have kids.And proudly declaring so, wanting marriage and what will come out of that, but not necessarily the children. How often do we hear the question, when did X get married, and is she not expecting yet? Followed by a wise look of, they must be having problems conceiving and often advice of where they ought to go for help. How’s about choice?

Women getting married younger and younger. Most of our mothers got married either straight out of high school or shortly after some kind of short post-high school training and they either worked at that, or stayed at home to look after the kiddies. Which brings me to Women opting to stay at home and bring up the kids. Which is different now, because most of those women are graduates and in some cases have risen to the top of their game. But now, many of them are opting to stay home and bring up the kids. Like, only? really? But why?

    Women come in different shapes, forms and sizes and it would be nice if society noticed as much and did not seek to label them. It would also be nice for us to know and not to conform just for the sake of it, NOT ON. We deserve better and should never forget that…

    So what other moulds have you noticed about women that you are trying to challenge in one way or another?

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