The end

After the loveliest month ever, it is finally over, drut! and on everyone’s lips is the vow to go to Brazil in 2014 and to enjoy this fever, it really is contagious and this coming Monday will feel like the beginning of Black Monday. It’s been a blast, and I got to watch two matches, one in Polokwane, Algeria- Slovenia and at Soccer City, Ghana- Uruguay and the emotions that that match was. I think each city needs to host something of this magnitude at least once, and since Kampala had CHOGM, it’s only fair that Nairobi host something next *she turns and smiles coyly*.

My five year old nephew is so obsessed with being male its amazing the number of things he can spin into male and female or male is better and female is not… I think its age appropriate for boys and girls of that age but it’s so darling to behold. This article goes a little into how children are enculturated into the different gender roles: dolls for boys and cars for girls? Novel or realistic? And I guess depending on how we answer that, we can then determine roles in marriage. Do you split roles down the middle or do you believe that women should do certain roles only and the same for men, or? I guess roles play a bigger than we think. Just read about the Anglican Church and their meeting to decide whether women ought to be ordained as bishops or not. For me, it’s somehow so straight forward, God called us all, Jew or Gentile, free or slave, male or female..For there is now no condemnation..and we are each called to serve God daily in our walk with Him, and so obviously not all of us will be called into full-time ministry BUT some of us will get the calling and some will be female, Gentile or enslaved (to sin- as we all are) BUT after He calls us, no one on earth ought to say this or the other. However, what of the few who are so ritualistic and who might be led astray by their ordination? What about those ones then? It might be clear cut to me, but its also not just about it, much as I’d love to make it.

This coming weekend is one of partying and joy, my cousin graduates today afternoon, my mom and dad turn 64 and 66 on Saturday and Sunday respectively and so although far from them, wish them all the best and much, much love 🙂


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