I had the best weekend this last week. I finally caught Freshlyground in concert at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City. For the longest time, I hoped to catch them in concert but one thing always led to the other and somehow I didn’t. They came to Nairobi last December but it poured cats and dogs that evening and the concert was outdoors..this was despite the fact that the concert was, at furthest estimate, two kilometers from my house. Anyway, so this last Saturday we opted not to get the tickets earlier but to get them at the very venue. Having gotten there about twenty minutes to the start, we were met by this rather amused lady who tells us the tickets are sold out! WHAT? My very reaction exactly. So we decided to sit around and wait and hopefully someone might want to sell their tickets. A couple came by but they only wanted to sell ONE and there was two of us, drat! So we just chilled there, feeling rather sorry for ourselves and then he came. You know one of those guys who stand outside concert venues and hope to sell one of the tickets they bought at a higher price because they know that they are in demand. But I think this one was an amateur, coz he only wanted a mark-up of 5 ZAR. And that was how we watched Freshlyground. From the moment I walked into the place, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning and broadly at that…I had the best time. The concert was lovely, and we all really got into it. Their new album is out the first week of May and they did a lot of stuff from it, can’t wait to buy it :-). After that we hit a club in Rosebank. Haven’t really partied at all much in Johannesburg and I have been pretty busy with school and all that these last few weeks that it felt good to let down my hair for one night. Come Monday morning, my body was in pain and sorely in need of a bed. Home time could not come any faster.

Been here a month today… Finished the first project just yesterday and today I have general stuff to write about  but the hard and furious work is out-of-the-way,  at least for now. I do like the place and the people and although I am still learning and sometimes doubting myself and my abilities, I am learning to take it in my stride and to ask where I am not sure and to seek clarity. It’s pretty interesting stuff and well, for a few years, I could do this and then take it forward from there. But, this coupled with school and all the many responsibilities I have, leaves practically not time for me to do stuff that I love and stuff that makes me happy. Which is a pity, because everyone needs a break.

My friend is getting married in six weeks. Really excited but also can’t wait for that day to just come and go already!

So that’s been me for the last few weeks:-)


2 responses to “finally…

  1. Totally jealous about freshlyground seeing as when they came home the venue was a joke.As for the wedding i want to go on record, in a passive aggressive manner unfamiliar to me, that i am not looking forward to it. As for work, may it always be a source of challenges, joy, excitement, friendship, experience and most importantly Tons of cash!


  2. i lovesssssss the second last para! too too kunyo si yes…

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