he noticed and he asked

The best and most genuine compliment anyone has ever paid me had to do with my smile. The look on the ladies face as she told me how my smile lights up my face totally made my day and reassured me that she wasn’t pulling a fast one on me. It was also so significant because one of the ways I perceive myself is as a happy individual managing to see something humourous regardless of how bleak the situation. 

I have had MANY reason to smile this week for all of these reasons.

I just spoke to my supervisor who basically okayed my idea for my paper and I can go ahead and begun to work on the different parts of it. To top it off, I had a good feeling about it.

Ps. 93:1 About the Lord being on the throne, at a time when i most needed to read that.

Its been two days into Lent and so far, so good.

I loved my Competition Law Class on Wednesday, i thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and the case.

My sister picked her colours and they are lovely.

For my lovely nephew, whom I baby-sat on Tuesday night and he was such a star…

Greys is back….and now to wait for my surprise birthday gift of the entire music set on CD 🙂

I decided to lock my hair next Sunday afternoon, I went and checked out the place and I am going through with it. FINALLY.


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