Its my birthday today… I am finally 25, wuhoooooooo!

Brad and Angelina split up! Its been in the news for a long time now but it has finally been confirmed. I was so hurt when he split up with Jeniffer Aniston, I know they aren’t my family but when a marriage ends, it’s always so sad. And then, they have six kids together , both biological and adopted and you just think of the impact on them too. On the one hand, you don’t want to prescribe that the two unhappy people stay together and raise these kids, is it always so clear cut that when it’s not working,  just up and go? Very tough that solution, I guess at the end of it you just have to think things through TOTALLY before you say ‘ I do’ because even then, there is no guarantee. But I think, if you are gonna divorce or split up, rather do it early on in the relationship than after ten, fifteen or more years….My two cents.

Sometimes, when you have the incomplete facts about something, its very easy to make certain sweeping assumptions and to justify those. Case in point, interracial relationships. I often wonder so many things: why do you rarely find two people (of different race) of the same age and interests? Both of whom are resident in that country and not the case that one of them is on holiday? But then again, I am not the Lord of who falls in love with who and why and so I shall walk away from this one pretty fast. But I have learnt, I dont always know all the facts, so I won’t begin to make presumptious comments about the two individuals.

Happy birthday to me, tra la la la…..

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