At BSF this week, we are learning about the blind man in John 9 and part of it is contrasted with the story of Job who lost everything and was nevertheless presented before God as blameless, upright and loving God. Part of it too was about the Pharisees’ spiritual blindness because they thought that by keeping the Law, they would actually see God even when He was standing right in front of them. How also although the man who was eventually healed was blind, he was not guilty. Those who were guilty were the Pharisees who while blind, thought themselves seeing (Jn.9:41) that just stopped me in my tracks! How often do I think I know only to later find out that in fact I didn’t and what I needed to do was trust in Him and just let Him be God, the Alpha and the Omega….like woah? I surrender and just quietly walk away from it all!


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