first day back

As I often do, I got up Friday morning and logged onto Facebook and everyones status update was a colour, the first one, the second and the third and soon i was asking what the next person asked, whats with all the colour today? Apparently it was a move to support breast cancer awareness. While the action was noble and it truly does affect all of us and it really is for a good cause, i just wondered too, how does this actually help? Like seriously,seriously? Was a portion of the income given over to charity or how did it all come about? I admit I didnt get the email that forced this action so maybe this is very preemptive but it just got me wondering, and then what?

Reading a book called Getting married by Candice Watters, and it was a different book which is why i picked it up to begin with, it talks of how we as women can help marriage become a reality. Various things have stuck with me. In the book she talks of how we(women) need to talk about marriage as much as we talk about anything else. How we need to be strategic in terms of nurturing the guys to actually make the move and ask us out instead of  just waiting so that we can respond!  She also talks of how “marriage is not a thing that’s out looking for people to join. Its a state to be pursued and ideally,by the man”. I liked that, a lot. Im almost done but its been a refreshing read for me…

Its a new year and im very excited. Also reading this now and its nice.


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