2010 here we come

At home with the family for Christmas and I’m very happy to chill with all of them and to take a much-needed break from my Masters dissertation and the course I have to retake next semester.

Went to a friends traditional wedding proceedings this last Saturday and it was so bittersweet. In about five or so months, she will be saying ‘ I do’ and she is going to be the first one from the inner circle to take the plunge and it will be interesting to see how that is going to turn out and the kinds of changes that it will bring up in our circle. But I won’t be here to watch and partake in it and thats sad but hey, change is part of life and I have to learn to take it in my stride. I wonder who is next, tihiiiii 😀 Its been odd to come back home and reconnect with a couple of my friends and see that with others there isn’t any more we can talk about. I previously agonized about these kinds of changes but I guess in getting older, I have gotten wiser and it has hit me that there is nothing wrong in realizing that just because we were friends once, does not mean we have to continue ad infinitum.

I won’t be able to blog anymore in the next week before the coming year and so this is it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  I wonder what the new year will bring in my personal and professional life, also to this blog. I remember finding out that I am leaving for Jo’burg to study and starting  this blog in order to keep up with my pals and those I had left at home. Maybe it will be more about the personal things I like and all the interests I have and all the other things I would like to do…I would like it to reflect the personal growth and the direction that my life is taking going forward. I was also thinking that I should continue with those blogging groups I had joined and meet people and get feedback and all that.  I have been reading these blogs (the 20something newly weds) and they keep asking for feedback and what have you and it feels so cute. So, me? What should I write about?

God bless and prosper all that read this:-)


2 responses to “2010 here we come

  1. i like your blog and mix of subjects you blog about. love the new skin


  2. i love the new look of the blog


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