1. I’m obsessed with reading this sign on the steps to class everyday as I go up the stairs to second floor. Each time I walk past it.
  2. I don’t like these birds that come to the tables at lunch, they smell and I’m obsessed that their feathers have diseases of sort.
  3. When cooking and following a recipe, I like to lay out all the ingredients on the table BEFORE I cook…it makes me feel like I’m on telly.
  4. I can’t shop without a shopping list, but then again I like to list many things down, I feel really free that way.
  5. I like to iron my towel on a cool iron, it feels so nice against my skin when I use it.

One response to “me

  1. lol @ feeling like you’re on tv…..YOU KNOW HOW WE DO:-)

    @ list making…remember what a**** said about the needing to make lists? IM OVER COMPENSATING FOR MY INABILITY TO MAKE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS…

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