BBA is such a yawn…I wonder why I looked forward to it! Can’t wait for it to start

Reading this now

Sad about Caster… and how its all being publicized and how petty the Australians are being about it all

Listened to a sad show yesterday about whether to read your childs diary or not?

Met a lady today morning who I think was making racist comments about the bus driver and I just wondered….then the bus came! YEY

One response to “nick,nacks

  1. as YOU CAN GUESS.I am so at work yet am lurking on the big brother forum…i am loving the show now that drama conspiracy etc have started….i want that paloma to go home soonest….lucky you…barely have time to read..last book i read was a Sue Townsend LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO

    tihiii….For some reason Im so out of BB, all they do is conspire! Seriously? But I wish Paloma goes too, I think she is the one out this week, or atleast Renee which I think would be a little sad!

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