murder on the blogosphere

I dont want to name-and-shame the blog I have been reading the  last couple of weeks BUT…its about this 25 year old chick who has been married for the past year and how she and her pals are all getting married! so its hubby this, shower the other, friend this married this day and the other one married the other one…yuck,yuck,yuck..which made me wonder! has she no single friends who arent married and what must they feel like? (il just choke myself now/ il just jump off the ledge/ il puke on the marital bliss overdose)…eek! but what do my pals and i all have in common that makes those around us just want to choke themselves or us,whichever is painless??

BIG BROTHER STARTS ON SUNDAY…hallo no life,tra la la la:-D

Two in one day? Mhhhh….

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