happy 62nd

I was watching some show last night on BBC Knowledge, Saira Khan the Apprentice runner up chick was taking us guys round Pakistan her home country though she was born in the UK. Clearly she is a muslim woman who has some rights as she grew up in a foreign country and what. The whole thing therefore had a gender slant and two really touching things just jumped out at me. There was this assylum ( I don’t like the mental image this word conjures in my mind…) that housed women in varying degrees of mental breakdown and at first it begins with a few of them and then towards the end, there are like 2010 of them and I just wondered, is this peculiar to Pakistan or all over the world are there so many women breaking down? Is it the fact that they are women, the war waging around, or the religion? Then there were a couple of guys who dress up as women and they say how they feel like women deep down, ok they are so pretty but yaani, if they sleep with men are they straight or gay or whats the deal? yaani they were pretty chicks

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