There’s an oak tree that stands in our front yard
When we moved here years ago, it stood there just as grand
unmoved by the storms that blew last year
unnerved by the strong winds that for months don’t clear
it just stands there it’s roots planted firm to the ground
and for it’s stubbornness and stability it’s gotten renown

That’s how I want to love you every single day
steadily and steadfast, through the storms, I want to stay
I want to love you this year and the next, even when it pains
even when loving you hurts and my every energy it drains
I want to stay beside you through the storms and winds of life
like the oak I want to stay put even when the pain cuts like a knife

when our dreams are crumbling all around us like a house of cards
I want to stay with you and travel together through all the painful yards
me and you against the world taking it all on together
we can conquer it all you and I, we can make it through whatever
unmoved and uncompromised ,holding on to each other don’t you see,
just as long as we stand unshaken like the steady oak tree

I cant remember which blogger I picked this up from but it was beautiful and I’m in no ways trying to pass it off as my own. I simply loved it is what

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  1. baby, it looks familiar


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