im so foolish

My new game is to look at people and to come up with the least likeliest things about them. For instance in my exam yesterday I kept looking at my German 39 year old professor lecturer who was listening to music and trying to think of what he would be listening to. My conclusion, dude was listening to Kwaito! It would be so easy to go with Classical that its a no brainer…Admittedly, the game only works with people you don’t know too well! Another thing too, I’m  a closet Pussy Cat dolls fan….like totally! In my heart is the urge to go and be a doll dominatrix (if you dont know, thats the title of their album!) but truly, I bet you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…dontcha?

On a serious tip though, I had once blogged about the situation in Burma and then just recently hearing about the American guy who swam to her house and stayed over night despite her pleas to leave! and then they go and put her on trial! she who is on house arrest already! come on Generals, the elections are coming up soon and we have your number, they can look at less thinly veiled attempts to stop this popular candidate from running once again… I mean. Its a total ggrrrrr! Oh and i read somewhere that this Yettaw dude had earlier tried the same thing and he got stopped so this time what happened that they didnt see him?

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