day ONE

It seems that May is the month that I decide to do new things!  Five years ago I stopped eating red meat this month and this last Sunday I went and cut off my hair and dyed it copper red and just for kicks had them do a shaggy thing or other! I can’t remember the last time I had short hair but  it is very liberating and a key step to the new me…. Sometimes as an individual we(I) wish to make certain changes in our personal lives but so many things tend to hold us back and though we are miserable, we keep hearing what they  are saying rather than the quiet little voice within us. And for me, this is the ultimate whenever I hear of the life unlived!! Which leads me to wonder, what would I do if I didn’t have to seek the approval of anyone else and all that counted was my God and I?

Monday was Africa Day and just the weekend before that I caught myself wondering what it means for us 20-somethings to be African in this day and age? What does it mean for us as women? In addition to everything else that my parents have given me over the years, the thing that I am most grateful to them about is the fact that we were brought up in another nation and totally surrounded within the peoples culture which has given me a greater appreciation of what home is and what it means to live amidst “strange” friends and acquaintances! So enjoy being African, I mean what else would we want???

2 responses to “day ONE

  1. Loving the blog skin totally! Havent been here in awhile, and yes, it was due to the other disgusting blog skin!!! hey dont blame me, i have totally strong feelings where color is concerned….GET MARRIED AND LETS SEE HOW YOU ROLL, THEN WE SHALL HAVE OPINIONS!

  2. . . . 2 thoughts!!!

    i am not that great with colors but i must commend you on the color change of the blog THANK YOU KINDLY

    i am envious that you cut your hair-enjoy it, its the most liberating thing i did and i loved each day of my short hair….i would do it again with no qualms or second thoughts lakini thats in the past now and now i am mama braids!!!! no comment on the copper red unkempt stuff!!! thats kinda not you at all (in my little mind)

    another proud african trait you have my darling gal is your name…give thanks for its uniqueness… OH AND THAT TOO! AND HOW I OWN THAT PHILOSOPHY THAT JUVE GAVE US:-)

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