Sometimes bloggers also tire ..

I remember beginning this blog having read so many before and thinking how I was going to be profound and I would write op-eds about so many things and I would be so proud of my writing and I would get followers and faithful readers and what have you.( insert BIG EVIL LAUGH) I don’t know what happened but I think of all these wonderful things to write about when  I’m not near a computer and then I get to one and I just feel so tired and I think maybe next time! I don’t know hey….What happened to all the opinions and strong feelings I had about so many things and all the thoughts that constantly run through my mind and make me laugh and have other people look at me and think, ok, mad girl on the rampage!I seem to have lost my mojo and I wonder what I can do to retrieve it…


3 responses to “Sometimes bloggers also tire ..

  1. hey! that totally happens to me too! love it.

    YEAH I KNOW:-)

  2. WHEN U HAVE TIME GO TO MY PAGE UL SEE A 20SMETHING BLOGGERS WIDGET click on it and join…take the time to do your profile page then invite me to be your friend..i assure you soon ul be getting followers and readers…its amazing but really works

    SHAME ON ME! Im already a member, lemme update it though

  3. bodo! i am ur faithful follower-why the evil big laugh at moi???? on the other hand….write on paper then transfer to computer-age old method thats for sure but its the best and never goes to waste…or also just try a little harder, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest

    THANK MY FAN… I will begin to do just that!

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