random moments

How come no one tags me? anyhu….the rule is to answer this stuff with the first letter of your name but as this is anonymous..

What is your name: Gnovember but A* in reality

A four letter word: Alas

A boy’s name: Anthony

A girl’s name: Acheri

An occupation: Advocate

A colour: Auburn
Something you’ll wear: Apron

A food: Avocado

Something found in the bathroom: Apple scented body gel

A place: Armenia

A reason for being late: All the time i come early…wouldnt wanna be predictable

Something you’d shout: Ala!

A movie title: A good year

Something you’d drink: Ale (Ginger..)
A musical group: All American Rejects

An animal: Aadvark

A street name: Auckland Rd
A type of car: Alfa Romeo
The title of a song: Always be my baby


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