on radio yesterday afternoon, i heard how Kenya is on the brink of political turmoil….and you can imagine how i almost panicked with the need to hear the rest of the statement! alas, Martha Karua my former hero and the Justice and Constitutional Minister has quit!

closer to home, they dropped the charges against the next President! His trial cost the taxpayer a whopping 60M ZAR! and now he is gonna be the next president??????what do Africans want? does it mean that we loathe people with a clean background, if you cant steal, how wil we know that you are able to lead us? if the IMF gives you funds to build a hospital, will you take some? if no, then we obviously wont vote you in at all…SA was held up as the only country in Africa wacha tuone sasa!

cant wait for Easter to do my hair and sleeeeeeep in

One response to “(in)justice

  1. I’m still pissed he used my tax for that silly purpose, if only i’d known i’d have been leading the calls of conspiracy so that the charges would be dropped…on the up side though, i scored you a t-shirt with his face…wooohooo


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