lessons in patience

i was just thinking as i was coming home that my life is so drama filled but this here blog hardly ever reflects that.

jana i went to Ruaraka for my driving test and i blame this entirely on high school, burn! but yeah add Test to anything and im all test mode. i had a long day on Monday part of it because i had to finish my last two hours of driving and they werent following each other. From the top, i was on point on the board mpaka i was looking at the board guy those ones of i dare you to find fault with what im doing and of course he couldnt. THAT could only have been God coz at times, i was a blonde and totally spaced out on the board. In the afte, i went onto the road in a Touring(YUCK car) and  with a drunk instructor, i know between me the learner and the drunk instructor…..accident!

so the instructions say to be there by 0745hours and then i manage to get there five minutes late and im totally panicking here, we left town at 0900hours and got there at half past. Then we get there and we chill. If  id known how much time id be chilling, id never have let feelings of impatience fester. At 1030 we begun registration, and here chicks first and i was like the second one on the line. Then we chilled some more. Then at 1100hrs we begun the theory and then man asks me a question that i had NO clue about and i saw it, so clearly, how people flunk their driving tests! but he was so jazzed by my middle name and then i redeemed myself with the signs and the board so i passed. At 1115, im done back to the waiting room to chill some more. At noon, we go to do the Prac and all Im praying is please let the car start and dont let me kanyaga that accelerator like mad- so by 1240hours im done and once again we just chill. Finally at 1400hours, we go through the filling of some form that we need to go with to KRA and finally pick the DL. so at 1445, we go to some office to CHILL! at this point, your hungry, thirsty and so tetchy but hey, what brought you there you have in practise now you just a vital green paper. So at 1530, im done but being a non-local, i had to walk across to get a photocopyof some stuff so it was only 1600hours when i left! the irony: i KNEW id be done by 1! so yeah, im now a driver…..:-?

i almost walked into a shoot-out, drama!

4 responses to “lessons in patience

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh now i get it…gone till november means exactly that…akaisiki kagenzire until november….see why i am not getting a leseni??? sababu i still need to grow up…ataki to b a driver yet…

    na rules za model town ni nini? i hope u took like a million copies of that license too

    • take the shortest and most direct route, take the longest and most direct route and then lastly, use the longest or shortest route and parking- leseni bado, should ask A4 later

  2. 1. some one somewhere made me laugh!!! why is it that there is only two ma-peeps bila leseni and one i am informed is under age!!!! uiIII i am erambased or embarrased..but congs dolly-ER chista 2. why is it that i am not getting all my comments posted…naona kama kuna njama kuni katsia freedom of speech hapa….so best u post all or i also get all tetchy {what is that by the way} 3. what is the tu-lu-lu question that dude asked you?

    • i permit all comments imagine, i readily take on criticism so i dont know, coz sijapata notification and then you ought to be embarassed huna licence, wololo! he asked the rules of the model town, after i left the room someone told me and i knew them all! yikes

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