why do I always have a clearly thought, hard-hitting entry and then when push comes to shove, I lack execution? so I’ll just write about various thoughts I’ve been having with myself and from various conversations I’ve had this past weeks. Why? In a bid to write less reflective in a general way and lighter and more airy entries…

I cut lose certain friends this week and Im still sadly grappling with whether it was the right thing to do. Its wrong but I’m prone to a little gossip every now and then but I have decided to remove myself from this situation. I need a new view on these things and space couldnt be spelt any louder. BUT really, how loud can you tell a pal clearly making a wrong decision to change courses? Im having to do that right now and who knows for how long but I know Im still here if she needs me, regardless of the time

Iv heard so much about this book– I must read it soon or else …..oh! and this one too

In 2007 I was a tad selfish and finally I did something about it, I apologized to my Daddy and well, I cant do much about it but at the root then was the desire to stamp my own authority and wrong means but hey, cant change a thing can only learn vital lessons about it and move on. If I had to go back, I’d not do things differently but I’d AVOID the same path I took then. I knew I was finally all grow’d up when coming home one evening, I realized how unsafe I’d been and this was me thinking and not my dad telling me that! we live, we learn!

I’m feeling snail mail this year so I’m gonna be writing more letters and making the post offices all over the world earn their keep. On a tangent, it seems the recession might have resulted in something very positive in America as reduced spending on movies and DVDS and all that has meant increased time at the Public libraries. So, its a nice thing,right? 

Two of my pals have left home this week to go and work in SA and Netherlands and I so miss them but hey, facebook ni nusu ya kuonana so its not gonna be that bad. Who am I kidding?  

I’m almost leaving till December and Im so not jazzed about it coz a morning like Tuesday this week, I was all teary and sob-eyed and well, I might as well embrace it for what its gonna be 😦

4 responses to “dolly-ER

  1. i’m glad you sorted that out with the D.

    as for dreading going back…clearly you’re not as bad as me who was even heaving on sato morning…

    • its crazy but thanks that there’s the two of us, yeah?

      i was just being rebellious, thank goodness i came out unscathed…..

  2. Ur still my dolly-ER chista…look to God and see what great things He has for you and how now did u go and grow up so fast like that??? where have i been i feel i need to come and give u my famous talks in the ‘tones’ you say i am good at but always in love little dolly-ER chista

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