eight days in…



and so far who knows what the coming year will hold for all of us. Often its the not knowing what the year will hold that has my system in a sort of hold and wait. What I know I know, its gonna be a beautiful year and that regardless what happens, its gonna be a better year for me than the last two have been. So much gank has happened in the intervening years that the person I have become and those close to me as well is almost unrecognizable from the hopeful people we all were a few years back! I’m gonna have a good year and that I know, my theme verse? HEBREWS 12:15 seeing to it that no bitter roots take root in my heart this and as a result no one misses the grace of God. When I look back at the things that have hurt this last year, I have absolutely let bitter roots take hold of me and sway my judgment and my thinking and in this year, I’m gonna rise above it and seek that Spirit of God that teaches us to say no to ungodliness. I have cut links with certain friends and though the reasons at the time felt right Im still plagued with uncertainty and feelings of maybe im making a mistake and that this is not what I ought to be doing at this time and the whole loyalty vybe but if it was meant to be, it shall be. so hallo year, goodbye past hurt.

best wishes family and friends and many acquaintances, may the Lords hand be upon us all 🙂


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