• anyone who is reading this and wants to get me a gift for the season, my birthday or graduation then topping the list ought to be the Amazon Kindle thats just to die for.
  • I got this already and joy knoweth no bounds!
  • Pending on the list includes:
  • an NIV folding-carry-in-your-purse bible
  • a henna tattoo
  • blue bata bullets
  • a matching bra and panty set from that shop on Moi Avenue
  • a pedicure

and the list will get updated

2 responses to “Wanted

  1. your page is cute!
    I cant resist a post on a cute-y page!!!
    Today i read that let the only debt remain to love one another.. Romans 13:8 let no debt remain except the debt to love another…so young gal, the way you have chosen to start the year is a good note, dont let any pain, anger, rot, madness, ‘what ifs’ plague ur life, shake them off and look to God, the author and perfector of your life to give you strength and move on…my very best wished for the new year one arabo kajumba chi baby…

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