we’re at the crossroads…

i feel like you penetrated the cracks  and made us all pawns in your little sick game. i dont just feel like that as much as i can now see that was your game plan all along. you had the best thing but even then, it wasnt good enough for you and systematically you went out and managed to isolate and thus conquer all so you could be happy. was it worth it as Ms Cole asks? how do you feel now? you do have the last word and the last say and the scary thing for me is that i thought we all knew you, i thought we had some understanding of sorts but obviously not. How does one get to this point in life? is it intrinsic evil or is is utter selfishness? i will never understand this, surely……i won’t


2 responses to “we’re at the crossroads…

  1. both intrisic evil and complete selfishness

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